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I was visited this past Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day, by the holiday “Tech-racaun” who left a nice little present under our Shamrock.  It was a 16″ USB powered and driven portable display by AOC.  The device is the AOC – e1649Fwu and it went on sale on March 16th for $99.99 at many online as well as brick-and-mortar retailers.  This was my chance to pick up this wonderful portable display for myself I was thrilled to receive this that afternoon when my family and I came back from a nice lunch.

I immediately opened up the display and hooked it up to my laptop.  Wow!!  This will come in handy when I have to leave the office and my nice dual display setup and go anywhere and still be able to run dual monitors.  AOC 16" USB DisplayBest of all, I can now have 3 monitors at the office!! Woot!!  yeah the wife rolled her eyes, “but it was on SALE!”  It felt so good to say that and not have a comeback hit me upside the head. Lol.  OK, all kidding aside; I love this thing and Windows 7 will recognize when it is in Landscape or portrait mode automatically, sweet!  It is seriously light considering the size of the unit but still feels well built.  It has a kickstand built in and does not feel cheap despite the light weight.

If you have been looking for a second monitor for travel but don’t want a heavy notmal LCD scree, then check this out.  Now a word of warning, it may not display video depending on the OS you are running (Win-7, Vista, XP) but it was said to be able to show video via the built-in Windows player.  I have not yet been able to do so, however, knowing that it is still great for websites and documents, so think about that before you purchase.  You might not be able to use it for CAD or things of that nature, but having those things run on the normal display and utilizing this one for text or other software applications might be a great setup.

The device is a USB Portable LED Backlit Monitor with a resolution of 1366 x 768, 16:9 format, 500:1 contrast ratio, and a 16ms response time (this is most likely the reason for the issues wAOC 16" Displayith video) and this had a dual USB plug that goes into the laptop (with power brick powering the unit) or the desktop (so you will need two free USB ports to drive this display) and then plugs into the display with a single micro-USB plug.  I was impressed with the rich color and crisp display though the resolution was not that of my laptop.  I would have preferred a 1440 x 900 display to match one of my other displays, but this was fine.  I use it more for browsing and with text based applications.

So if you were looking to get something like this, just take a look around because you can find it almost anywhere for $100 but only through the end of March, then the “Tech-racaun” will take his $40-off deal and disappear.  If you do wind up getting one of these, let me know how you like it or even don’t like it.  I would be interested.

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