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I believe that the issue with the term ‘Podcasting”, at least from this Podcaster’s perspective, is that most most people who may be aware that there are podcasts, are just not sure how to get them or what they can expect from them. I have heard on more than one occasion; “If internet shows are so good, why aren’t they on regular TV or radio?” Good question.

I have seen plenty of well produced and highly entertaining or informative shows available on the internet. While it is true that there are an abundance of Geek oriented shows on the internet right now, there are also tons of shows available aimed at those with other than geeky interests and I can only see more coming on the horizon. As far as how to get them , let’s say for argument’s sake that you have a Grandma who might enjoy an Internet video show about quilting or scrpabooking but she doesn’t watch it because she is not sure how to get it. Does she need a computer, an iPad, or a Roku; can she watch it directly on her TV, what? A lot of people right now just don’t know and they might be too intimidated or uninformed to ask.

What independent internet based shows and consumers need in a simplified gateway to one another, there needs to be a large network system like what we have for television and radio. It might be very likely that we see some of the current internet “media networks” like,, Revision 3, and the like, become larger, more like the current television networks. Perhaps the “new media networks” will begin to help the independents produce and create their content, help secure advertising deals, or maybe just be the delivery conduit for the content. Once there are larger new media networks they will have more Internet TV and Radio shows in their “stable” it will open up the the consumer’s eyes and they will understand that there is more available out on the net than the current networks are able to bring them. Then the purchases of “Smart TVs” or Internet Set-top boxes (Roku, Google TV, Boxee Box, etc.) will go through the roof and “Internet TV and Radio” will truly have come of age. It will be then that the traditional broadcasting companies will have been knocked back on their heels and realize that they are the latest dinosaurs.

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I had a segment ( along with Nick from Teen Tech Radio podcast ( on the Geek News Central 24 Hour Podcast with Todd Cochrane benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. Live feed –

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