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I mentioned back on Show #542 that I was contacted by the folks at Ontrion, makers of standard and extended use cell phone batteries and they asked if I was interested in reviewing any of their products, which I was.  As I checked out their comprehensive inventory of chargers and OEM-quality batteries for dozens of makes and models of phones, I was reminded of having to use a portable USB charging device to keep my Motorola Droid X powered up while covering CES 2012.  Though the portable charger was quite handy and did a good job, it was heavy and having to lug it all over the million plus square feet of show floor in my backpack was quite a chore.  Now had I been using an extended battery from Ontrion, like the BH-5X that may not have been necessary.

I have been using my Droid X for just over a year now and it is loaded with a ton of battery-draining apps.  I am constantly installing apps, checking them out, and then deleting those that I don’t like.  The ones I do keep are the ones I love and use all the time.  Most of those are memory resident and working in the background just sucking the life out of my battery.  Yeah, I have the App Killer which helps save the battery, but with so much data usage I need to recharge at least once during the day if not twice just to keep a decent charge on the phone.

My phone’s day typically starts at about 6 am when I disconnect it from its charger and head off to work. Now I use my phone just like any other average Joe I’m sure; I listen to my podcasts or music and have the Sat-Nav app going checking for congested traffic during my commute.  Then, through out the day while at work, I’ll keep in touch with my wife via texting or phone calls, check my email and social media accounts, and even tweet occasionally; all during my breaks or lunch of course.  Also at lunch I will go for a walk and use a GPS app to track my progress.  When I’m done I send the data to Google Docs over the 3G radio so I can see how far and fast I went.  Like I said, nothing out of the ordinary, just normal everyday use like anyone else.  

Now if I can get to about 11 am before dropping below 3/4 charge then I’m having a good day.  My expectation for the extended battery was to be able to last until 3 pm before falling below 30% and during the two and a half week test it consistently did just that (plus or minus about 5%) and I was very happy with those results.  When I did have to charge the battery, typically in the truck on the way home, it did so quickly, taking about 25-30 minutes to get to at least half a charge and then about another 70 – 90 minutes at home on the wall charger to get a full charge.  It took about 3 – 4 hours to completely recharge a completely dead battery.  An extended battery, like the one I tested, would probably last a full day if not more if you only used the GPS, bluetooth, and Wi-Fi radios occasionally and are not constantly on Social Networks; but if you are a power user, the extended battery will get you through most of your day before having to recharge.

While an extended battery will give you much longer talk and standby time than a standard battery, there is one drawback and that is its size.  They are about twice the size of a regular OEM battery which means you might find that your phone may no longer work with some of your accessories or even fit into its regular case.  Despite the larger size of the replacement battery and door, my holster was able to grip the phone sufficiently when inserted so that it didn’t fall out.  Brilliant!!  Okay, so it wasn’t planned that way and it was just dumb luck; but it works for me and I’ll take it.  Now I usually put my phone in my Motorola Car Dock when driving as it charges and positions the phone for easy use and viewing, but with the extended battery installed it no longer fits.  This is only a minor inconvenience for me until I find a replacement holder on one of my favorite gadget sites that will accommodate the phone and larger battery.  The extended batteries also conveniently come with a replacement door or cover that looks like it was supposed to be part of the phone.

While I can’t say that the Ontrion extended battery would have prevented me from having to recharge during my CES 2012 coverage, it sure would have gotten me a lot further through the day than the stock OEM one and I did get great results from of it during my testing.  I highly recommend Ontrion’s products to anyone who is looking to get more performance out of their phone or just wants that security of having a phone that will last throughout the day.

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