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TCTech Podcast Special Listener Edition #544 – Mr. Gadgets Says

On this episode I’m going to hand it over to Mr. Gadgets, Bruce Barr, a wonderful listener who has something interesting to say on tablets and PCs.

But first,

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This Episode’s Totally Cool Tech:

  • Mr. Gadgets Speaks on Tablets & PCs

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A novice review of the Motorola Xoom  

I purchased the Xoom within the first week it had been out, picking it up at a local Verizon shop while on vacation. My wife has had an iPad for over a year and I wanted to try a different platform. I am not anti Apple, just prefer not to buy their products.  

So, now that I have had it for 4 months and am using it a lot, I thought I would write a review from my perspective.    

A couple of notes about me for perspective. I am not a big media user, I mainly listen to music or podcasts. I am not a big movie watcher.  

Key attributes that I like about the Xoom  

1) I prefer its size to the iPad. While the Xoom is a bit heavier, I think the wide screen aspect is a better form factor. The screen is awesome. I love the clarity and sensitivity of it.  

2) Google Integration. Works well with Google Docs, Gmail, etc. I am a HUGE fan of Google so that was a key driver in buying the Xoom.  

3) Ease of getting media to the device. Burning movies, music, etc and getting them to the Xoom is easy. The native apps play all the music I have put on it so far and there are players for the various movie formats out there. I have watched movies that I have burned from my collection, as well as from the net.  

4) 3G & Wifi – I am very happy I bought the device with the 3G. While it is $25 a month (I get a discount through my work), it has proven to be extremely handy. I have yet to exceed 1.3gb and that is with streaming Pandora during my travels in a month.  


Current Negatives  

1) Apps available in the market place. This is a slight negative. All of the popular apps that I have used via my wife’s iPad are available. Like Teamviewer, Pocketcloud, Facebook, Gmail, etc. But some of the games that my friends (who have iPads) play are not available. I think this is just a time issue, give the Honeycomb platform more time on the market and we will see a larger app market place.  

2) Very annoyed that Netflix is not available, but that is an issue with Netflix and DRM and not the Xoom.  

3) Corporate use. The company I work for has fully embraced the iPad/iPhone and has worked to making them work well within the network. I think that is true in other companies also. You can figure out ways to get the Xoom to work but it involves more leg work on the users part.  

That is it for now. I will post more in the future.


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