Totally Cool Tech Podcast Edition #502 – November Already?!

On this episode of Totally Cool Tech: Its All Freaking Random Stuff This Episode.

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This episodes Totally Cool Tech:

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2 Responses to “TCT Podcast Episode #502 – November Already?!”
  1. Ben says:

    WOW! Thanks for the mention. Totally appreciated. Just finished up a episode on making a decent microphone so the audio in my cast does not suck… Well suck less than in the past. :)

    So anyhow do you want some help in making a mid range steady system?


  2. Ben,

    I finished my stabilizer last night!! Check this post out I still have some tweaking on the balancing and I am thinking of putting a little “trigger” to help move the unit when I want it to tilt and rotate. I need to improve the mounting of the camera, but its working for now and I love it.

    I loved the microphone episode, and yes it should help out your audio levels. You might want to make one for Dave, or have him make his own version of it. Maybe it would be a “Fu Manchu” mustache mic. (HA! I bust myself up). Have you thought of exporting your audio, running it through “Levelator” and then reassembling it with the video?

    Thanks for the great show and keep it up. I will keep you informed if i do any other tinkering.

    - Norbert

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